Christmas Song nr. 24: Merry Christmas Eve by Better Than Ezra

In some parts of the world where Christmas is celebrated the 24th of December is when one gathers the family and exchange gifts. The following day all the youngsters leave their homes and go out with their friends, the ones they haven’t seen during the year. That is why Merry Christmas Eve is an appropriate tune for this day.

Written by Kevin Griffin and released as a b-side of the 1995 single Rosealia with his band Better Than Ezra the song is quite unknown to most people. The band was formed in 1988 and became popular after the release of their debut album Deluxe, riding on the grunge wave created in Seattle, even if they never fell into that category. They have maintained a following since then and have charted from time to time.

Merry Christmas Eve is all about family and the joy and sadness of coming home for the holidays and having to leave shortly after. The narrative is very much like an observation at an airport as people come and go and it balances between acceptance and criticism from loved ones. For those who remember how it was to travel home for Christmas dinner the tune brings back that nostalgic feelings of a rushed family visit.

Because of the name alone and the lyrical content Merry Christmas Eve is the 24th song on The Christmas List of Songs.

-Andrew Tobias


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