Christmas Song nr. 22: We Won’t Remember Christmas by The Midnight Beast

Many of the songs on this list are about the majesty of Christmas, the need to be with family for the holidays and the love we share when with those who are most important to us. We Won’t Remember Christmas might just be one of the few songs that show the reality of the season, in a humorous way.

Released in 2014 by the YouTube sensation The Midnight Beast the tune relates the events of, for some, an all too familiar Christmas celebration with the family.  I´t may appear that the events that The Best sing about would be construed as quite a terrible holiday celebration, but the perform it, as they always do, with a wink and a nod. It is all there; embarrassing relatives, too much holiday cheer and plans that fall through. All set to a festive and somewhat reflective melody.

Midnight Beast rose to prominence in 2009 when they produced a cover of Tik Tok by artist Ke$ha and have since put out material consistently with two albums, a book and a television show in the bag. The trio, consisting of Stef Abingdon, Dru Wakely and Ash Horne, have mastered the art of YouTube fame by being musically gifted and having previous experiences in songwriting and performing. Their brand of music is a blend of styles like pop, rock and dance, all with witty and sarcastic lyrics.

The fact that one might actually be able to relate to the morning after Christmas is the reason why We Won’t Remember Christmas is our 22nd choice on The Christmas List of Songs.

-Andrew Tobias


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