Christmas Song nr. 19: It Feels Like Christmas by The Muppets

There are more cultural phenomenon that we connect with the holidays than songs. As mentioned a couple of days ago there are the Christmas plays in the UK, Christmas movies and also in Great Britain the tradition of the ghost story. None hit these parts more than Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol. First published in 1843 the short story has been filmed, first time in 1901, and retold in so many iterations that listing them would fill a book. A staple during any holiday TV season the traditional retelling of it has now been replaced by one performed by The Muppets, with Micheal Caine as the cantankerous Ebenezer Scrooge.

Muppet Christmas Carol is a musical version of Dickens’ story and several tunes are staples of, at least my holiday playlist. One of the standout numbers is It Feels Like Christmas performed by the ghost of Christmas present.  As the spirit takes Scrooge on a trip through the bustling London on a Christmas morning he describes the scenery and the emotions that belong to the actions of people during the season.  It is all set to music with all the appropriate pomp and circumstance making the listeners feel the love between men and women on this holiest of holidays.

The spirit of Christmas wants to remind Scrooge what the season is about and that there might be room for love in his heart. The tune embodies that sentiment and is performed with fervor.

A joyous tune that reminds us what Christmas is all about and that we should all revel in the message of love between us. That is why The Muppets’ song about the season is the 19th song on The List of Christmas Songs.

-Andrew Tobias


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