Christmas Song nr. 18: Winter Song by Lindisfarne

When winter’s shadowy fingers
First pursue you down the street
And your boots no longer lie
About the cold around your feet

Do you spare a thought for summer
Whose passage is complete
Whose memories lie in ruins
And whose ruins lie in heat
When winter comes howling in

Winter Song is the third track on the debut album of progressive folk band Lindisfarne, formed in England in 1968, and has been hailed by Elvis Costello as the greatest song ever. Though opposing statements; when you’re doing this are you considering this?, the tune nicely builds up the spirit of the season and wraps it all up by anchoring it in the Biblical version.

When the turkey’s in the oven
And the Christmas presents are bought
And Santa’s in his module
He’s an American astronaut Do you spare one thought for Jesus
Who had nothing but his thoughts
Who got busted just for talking
And befriending the wrong sorts?
When winter comes howling in
When winter comes howling in

Written and performed by founding member Alan Hull (1945-1995)  the tune is a starch reminder of all those who may not have it as good as the rest of us, symbolized by summer, the gypsy, the lonely drunk and Jesus. It is a tune and a message we should all bear in mind this season when the world seems especially bleak.
For making us remember those who have less than us in a somber tune song number 18 is Winter Song by Lindisfarne on The Christmas List of Songs.
-Andrew Tobias

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