Christmas Song Nr. 6: You Make it Feel Like Christmas by Neil Diamond

There are few subcategories of singers that are so interlaced with the Christmas season as the Crooner. Singers like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennet and Bing Crosby have made themselves synonymous with the holidays through their renditions of now classic tunes. The tradition lives on with modern iterations like Michael Bublé, who will show up on this list. Then there are those who have turned to the style later in their career, on purpose or because of the trends within music. Rod Stewart is an example of the former.

An example of the latter is Neil Diamond. Starting his career as a singer-songwriter in the 60s he has seen great success with several hits and selling over 120 million albums worldwide. Today Diamond is firmly set in the genre labeled adult contemporary, a very non-descript name reserved for harmless songs from the sixties and onward. There is nothing to suggest that Diamond dislikes the labelling and he has managed to retain his trademark sound and he does everything with a kind of satirical air, this is of course true when it comes to his Christmas albums.

Releasing the first album of seasonal treats in 1992 there has been a slew of iterations in its wake. They are usually a blend of contemporary songs and classic tune with a twist, as well as some odd choices such as Amazing Grace or Joy to the World. Diamond seems well aware of his status these days and who is audience is and has no problem cheesing it up with sugary renditions of Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire or covering Adam Sandler’s Hanukah Song. It’s his self-penned track You Make it Feel Like Christmas that makes it on to this list though.

The tune is as much a love song to a partner as it is a Christmas Song. It focuses on the loneliness of being apart while in a relationship. Christmas symbolizes togetherness and the joy that it brings. The Christmas feeling is so strong that when two people are back together it stays all year long. No matter what the hardships might be it all goes away once they are together. The fact that seeing each other is enough to keep a relationship alive and that Christmas is the expression of that is what lands You Make it Feel Like Christmas a number six spot on this list.

-Andrew Tobias

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