Robert Kirkman adapting Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber


According to The Hollywood Reporter Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead and Outcats, and his partner Dave Alpert have decided to bring The Chronicles of Amber to TV. The books were written by Roger Zelazny and have been, along side authors like Terry Brooks, Stephen Donaldson and Robin Hobb part of the canon of fantasy since first written in 1970.

It is no big surprise that Zelazny’s epic work, spanning ten books, there is a lot of source material to pick and choose from like A Song of Ice and Fire or Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time with several layers of intrigue. The story centers on Corwin and his family who can travel across dimensions and has its starting point on Earth.

If Kirkman and Alpert are looking to capitalize on the success of Game of Thrones is not completely clear, but one can speculate. Zelazny has more in common with Brooks’ Shannara series, which was given a surprising second season by MTV (the disappointment of that show was indicated here at the Guild already when it was announced), but Skybound may be the company needed to bring the right air to the coming show.

We hope so!

Read The Hollywood Reporter’s article here


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