Review: Boston Lust by Wol-vriey

boston lust






Genre: Horror,bizarro, Science-Fiction

Publisher: Burning Bulb Publishing

Boston Lust is the third installment from Nigerian author Wol-vriey about the very hard- boiled Bud Malone and as the previous two it takes place in a not too distant future Boston. This time Malone is confronted with a serial killer who is praying on gay/bisexual women, leaving them both sexually spent as well as drained of blood. This foe does not show up in pictures and the puncture marks on the women’s bodies all point to the work of a vampire. It hits Malone a bit close to home when a woman he has previously helped, as well as had romantic dealings with, turns up as one of the victims. It becomes even more sinister once Malone realizes that the vampire has stolen a ring of great power that he himself retrieved from the Abstracta, a sort of parallel city intertwined with Boston.

Malone is contacted by the beautiful Trudi Carmen to venture into the Abstracta to pair the ring with a white version she is in possession of, but instead it becomes a hunt for the vampire leader who has been praying upon the women of Boston.

Boston Lust is a story filled with action, thrills and sex. It is part noir, part erotica and part science fiction all blended in quite the stew. It is obvious that Wol-vriey knows exactly what he is doing and that he possesses a great imagination. The characters surrounding Malone and the various creatures that he encounters, from golems and talking rats to godlike beings playing basketball on a court made from human skin all show a depth and complexity that adds very much to the tale. On the one hand this is the strength of Boston Lust, but on the other hand it is somewhat detrimental to it as well. There are many questions that never get answered, at least not here, it is very possible  that what the Abstracta really is and where the creatures come from is discussed in an earlier book, but in this one it leaves the reader wanting more. With quite a limited intrigue, this does cause the book to fall a bit flat. It would indeed have benefited from more meat and added dimensions.

There is also a good deal of graphic descriptions of sexual encounters, causing Boston Lust not to be for every reader, but for those who can handle scenes on par with Fifty Shades of Grey or Outlander this does not actually take away from the story, instead it enhances it.

All in all Boston Lust is a book that holds the reader’s interest for a good while. It never becomes dull, there are never any slow moving parts, so that while passes one quickly. It maybe doesn’t satisfy ones demand for finer literature or intrigue and it creates questions that one needs answered and maybe that gets the reader interested in Wol-vriey’s other work.

C.M. Marry Hultman
C.M. Marry Hultman

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