European Comics Journal Premier Issue


Diego Comics Publishing is the only publisher in the United Kingdom that focuses on some of the best-selling Italian authors for teenagers and adults.

European Comics Journal 1st official edition is set for March 14, 2015. The journal will be distributed in print at the London Super Comic Con!
European Comics Journal is an endeavor of Diego Comics Publishing that is dedicated to European comic authors and illustrators.
The journal will include interviews with authors like Giuseppe Di Bernardo (Desdemona & Adam 2.0), Augusto Chiarle (Shadow of Mars saga), Stan Nicholls and Joe Flood (Orcs Forged for War), and Nico Lorenzutti (Salgari’s novels), to name just a few. There will also be articles about the art of translation, and one of the most mysterious crime stories in Italian history: The Monster of Firenze. We will feature masterclasses by respected graphic novel artists as they demonstrate various illustration techniques and help you hone your comic drawing skills and, of course, there will be overviews of our exciting upcoming release such as the mystery crime set in Florence ‘Desdemona’, and the conspiracy sci-fi adventures of Adam 2.0.
European Comics Journal gives an inside look at the work, preparation and art behind the scenes of the European comics industry.
The newspaper will contain ad space pertaining to businesses that deal in comics of every genre.
European Comics Journal is currently crowd funding on Kickstarter to fund their upcoming Comic Con Convention tour and to begin printing and free distributing the newspaper to the public at LSCC!
DieGo Comics Publishing is a family London-based independent publishing house, operating since 2012. They are dedicated to discover the unheard voices and unseen masterpieces of Italy, and to pushing their selection of fantasy literature across the world.

To learn more about DieGo comics hop on in to there homepage here.

or if you are interested in supporting them on Kickstarter click below:


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