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European Comics Journal Premier Issue


Diego Comics Publishing is the only publisher in the United Kingdom that focuses on some of the best-selling Italian authors for teenagers and adults.

European Comics Journal 1st official edition is set for March 14, 2015. The journal will be distributed in print at the London Super Comic Con!
European Comics Journal is an endeavor of Diego Comics Publishing that is dedicated to European comic authors and illustrators.
The journal will include interviews with authors like Giuseppe Di Bernardo (Desdemona & Adam 2.0), Augusto Chiarle (Shadow of Mars saga), Stan Nicholls and Joe Flood (Orcs Forged for War), and Nico Lorenzutti (Salgari’s novels), to name just a few. There will also be articles about the art of translation, and one of the most mysterious crime stories in Italian history: The Monster of Firenze. We will feature masterclasses by respected graphic novel artists as they demonstrate various illustration techniques and help you hone your comic drawing skills and, of course, there will be overviews of our exciting upcoming release such as the mystery crime set in Florence ‘Desdemona’, and the conspiracy sci-fi adventures of Adam 2.0.
European Comics Journal gives an inside look at the work, preparation and art behind the scenes of the European comics industry.
The newspaper will contain ad space pertaining to businesses that deal in comics of every genre.
European Comics Journal is currently crowd funding on Kickstarter to fund their upcoming Comic Con Convention tour and to begin printing and free distributing the newspaper to the public at LSCC!
DieGo Comics Publishing is a family London-based independent publishing house, operating since 2012. They are dedicated to discover the unheard voices and unseen masterpieces of Italy, and to pushing their selection of fantasy literature across the world.

To learn more about DieGo comics hop on in to there homepage here.

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‘Lucifer’: Fox Orders DC Comics Pilot with Jerry Bruckheimer & Len Wiseman Attached

Most Anticipated Fantasy Novels of 2015: Publishers’ Choice

Every year contact various publishers of fantasy and ask them what they find to be the most exciting titles coming in 2015. This list this year contains 50+ books and there are a few new authors out there. Among the authors releasing books this year we find Guild favorites Joe Abercrombie, Terry Pratchett, Bradley Beaulieu and Simon Kurt Unsworth.

Head on over and read the list here and happy 2015 reading.

Simon Kurt Unsworth

Simon Kurt Unsworth

Joe Abercrombie

Joe Abercrombie

Bradley Beaulieu

Bradley Beaulieu

A Stranger Comes Knocking- An Interview with Sebastian A. Jones of Stranger Comics

The Untamed

The Untamed





In the competitive world of comics it is important to stand out and get noticed and that is what happened when The Untamed was released at the end of the 00’s. It received accolades from the likes of Clive Barker and early on talks of a live action version were rumored. Now a Kickstarter campaign has been launched to support a printed copy of the graphic novel and we spoke to the brains behind it; Sebastian A. Jones.


Jones launched Stranger Comics in 2008 together with some friends.

‘We felt there was a lack of dark fantasy epics in the comic genre, and we felt we had a fully baked world we could tell character driven stories in’ Jones explains. ‘We wanted to protect our creative visions we had worked very hard on’

Jones, who moved to the States twenty years ago from England, had run a record label so he knew the business side of things and had also written a one issue comic (as part of a 4 issue series) by the name of Salvador for Boom! Studios.

‘It was collaboration with filmmakers The Polish Brothers, but the other three issues were never released. Unfortunate as it had great potential, but it was a great experience allowing me to become good friends with Andrew Cosby (who is a producer partner on the animated TV show we are developing at Film Roman)’says Jones.

Jones describes himself as a Dad and a Dungeon Master and draws his inspiration from the likes of Sergio Leone, Jack Kirby, Malcolm X, Sam Peckinpah, Akira Kuroswa, Alice Coltrane, Alan Moore, Fela Kuti, Muddy Waters, Ennio Morricone, Gorecki, Peter David, Tolkien and above all his son. All very visible in The Untamed a perfect blend of Asian storytelling and spaghetti westerns.

‘In business I look to my Father’s eternal optimism and my Mother’s grounded reality’

Running Stranger Comics is a full time job, but Jones busies himself with teaching and acting in commercials. He isn’t completely alone in his endeavors though.

‘We have a few people that work at Stranger Comics: Darrell May, Joshua Cozine, Eddie DeAngelini, Christopher Garner and Mike Hodge’ he explains. ‘We also work with Ken Locsmandi and Peter Bergting on a lot of projects. Some are full time some part-time.’Untamed TPB Final_Page_020

The artists that have graced the pages of Stranger Comics have been found through referrals, online or through teaching. The Untamed, as mentioned, became the first title under the Stranger Comics brand, story by Jones and art by the Swedish artist Peter Bergting (The Portent, Dungeons & Dragons), and it generated a lot of buzz. That buzz became very important for the coming productions and Jones is quick to point out how important that buzz was.

‘It was everything’ he states. ‘ It has taken such a long time to produce, mostly because it is a painted book and the trials of having a boutique company and raising a family is not easy. Receiving buzz and excitement let us know that being in the lab for all these years has been worth it.’

Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen bumps, only two physical issues of The Untamed were released, but the story was completed and released in digital form in 2014.

‘Now, we feel having the entire graphic novel as a hardcover coffee table book will be a great reading experience’ he is glad to report.

The buzz around The Untamed also brought about early rumors of a live action version. Those rumors faded with time, but Jones has now announced the plans of producing an animated version instead, keeping the initial productions team intact.

‘I am still working with the producer team including Andrew Cosby, as well as Lloyd Levin (Watchmen, Hellboy) and Andrew Sugerman (Death Sentence, Shop Girl)’ Jones says. ‘In fact, all three are helping me produce the animated TV show at Film Roman (The Simpsons).’

The world of The Untamed is not unexplored and those familiar with Stranger Comics have more than likely come in contact with Tales from Asunda and Dusu as well as seen teasers for Erathune. Dusu was just completed and Asunda stands at one issue so far. Jones is eager to share the state of the expanding universe.

Untamed TPB Final_Page_050‘Tales of Asunda is coming along. We have a two issue tale by Darrell May titled Morka Moa, which has been written and penciled – It should be out this year, and Erathune: issue 1 is complete and we hope to release all four issues this year. Sheldon Mitchell (The Darkness) is illustrating Darrell’s boards and I am writing’ Jones explains. ‘Both books look stunning.’

To bring a physical version of The Untamed is, as previously mentioned, the next goal so Jones and company decided to take to crowdfunding and the ever popular Kickstarter. The project is for an oversized deluxe hardcover version.

‘I wanted to have the fans to be the final part of The Untamed comic series journey.’

Jones explains the range of rewards that can be expected by backers;

‘Rewards range from the book, music, and the motion comic. We will also have Kickstarter exclusive lithograph prints, convention prints, original painted sketches by Peter and Darrell, and opportunities to hang out with the team and our producers. Cool rewards include: poet for hire, and 7 golden coins for 7 souls who could get a convention discount for life, and get your noggin illustrated as a Dwarf or Orc in Erathune. Stretch Goals are currently locked, but they are epic.’

It is easy to get infected by Jones’ positive attitude and the idea behind choosing Kickstarter over other crowdfunding sites was that it is an all or nothing deal. Jones is also convinced that the project will be a success, there is no other option. So what comes after this Kickstarter project?

‘The Dusu: Path of the Ancient Graphic Novel’ Jones begins. ‘Erathune Graphic Novel, Morka Moa, and our kid’s book I Am Awesome (from the I Am Book Series).’

Stranger Comics isn’t only a publisher for comics, they are also in the process of publishing a series of children’s books called I Am.

‘The I Am Book Series focuses on and celebrates the diversity that exists in the lives of today’s children’ Jones says. ‘I IMG_7569AM stresses to children that their uniqueness is a gift to be treasured. Our first in the series is I Am Mixed and we followed up with I Am Living in 2 Homes for kids that deal with separation and divorce. Our next book is I Am Awesome. I wrote the book with Garcelle Beauvais (Jamie Foxx Show, Grimm) and James C. Webster (Dusu) illustrated. We were lucky to have Halle Berry and Dr. Charles Sophy write the respective forewords.’

What are Jones’ future plans after the Kickstarter?

‘I could do with a holiday! But I’m sure we will be following up with our next books and hopefully TV shows!’

For more information surf on over to Stranger Comics Website

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or even better; head on over to the Kickstarter page and pledge today:

C.M. Marry Hultman

C.M. Marry Hultman


Brenda Cooper Reveals the Cover for Her New Collection

Just like Bradley Beaulieu revealing his cover for his new short story collection another author involved in the Six by Six Kickstarter project is now doing the same. Brenda Cooper announced the title and the cover for her collection.

The collection is called Beyond the Waterfall Door: Stories of the High Hills and the cover was created by Mark Ferrari with the help of designer Jenn Reese.


For more information head on over to Cooper’s homepage at the following url:

Bradley P. Beaulieu Reveals the Cover for His New Collection

Art by  Donato Giancola

Art by Donato Giancola

Favorite of The Guild Bradley Beaulieu took to his homepage and revealed the cover for his new collection of short stories. The collection is called In the Stars I’ll Find You & Other Tales of Futures Fantastic and was Kickstarted through the project Six by Six. For more details head on over to Brad’s homepage and get the skinny on it all.