Avatar Press announces Crossed: DOA Crowdfunding

Avatar Press just revealed their next project, Crossed: Dead or Alive webisodes. These will be directly tied to the recent Dead or Alive webcomic and will be written and produced by the creator himself; Garth Ennis. This is what they had to say about it:


The Crossed DOA Project Begins!

Welcome to the future of Crossed! We hope you enjoy the free webcomic of Crossed: Dead or Alive, and that is just the beginning. With your support to our fundraising efforts here, this story will directly tie into a season of upcoming live action filmed webisodes written and directed by Garth Ennis. All the episodes of Season 1 of DOA are already written by Garth, now we just need to gather the money to film them. Our goal is to produce this outside of the normal Hollywood system, to use the amazing fan base we have for Crossed to help us raise the funds to allow Garth to write, direct, and completely control the filmed version Crossed: DOA. By giving Garth that kind of creative freedom, we hope to deliver the terror of Crossed in a whole new way and allow him to really unleash his true vision of horror in a new medium.

Avatar is running a crowdfunding campaign to help get this off the ground, and we will be doing it all ourselves. There are a wide range of support levels, there are lots of new Crossed goodies available, any order you can place will help us move this closer to being realized. But if all of Crossed Nation can band together to support Garth’s vision for filmed terror, we can pull this off, and on our own terms. Thanks for your generous support and thank you one and all for making Crossed such a smash hit.

If you want to be a part of this project follow this link:


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