Basil Wolverton’s Spacehawk Collectible Coming

Spacehawk sculpt
Spacehawk sculpt

We have previously highlighted Jared Zichek and his company Golden Age Figurines and in that article Jared discussed future endeavors and today he has announced that the sculpt of Spacehawk is done.

What does this mean? It means that the customers can go to complete the survey and get a 5% discount that is good until the end of the year. Due to inconsistencies in the coloring of the Spacehawk comic there are a few different color variants one can choose from, as well as a choice of size. You may also choose between Spacehawk’s enemy Gorvak the space pirate and his henchmen, not yet sculpted, but coming soon. So get in on the ground floor for these intriguing collectibles.

Spacehawk was created by the extraordinary artist Basil Wolverton, mostly famous for his bizarre work for Mad Magazine, and made his first appearance in June of 1940, in the fifth edition of Target Comics. Spacehawk is more closely related to Fletcher Hank’s Stardust then other space adventurers like Buck Rodgers or Flash Gordon or your garden variety super hero. He was kind of a mix between an alien and a super hero with one goal only, to protect our galaxy from the evil around us. He has been described as a darker version of the earlier mentioned classic space adventurers.

In late 1942 the series was cancelled and it had then already gone through a shift in focus, leaving outer space and come down to earth in order to fight Nazis. Like Stardust and Fantomah Spacehawk is a testament to the uniquely bizarre world that is The Golden Age of comics where seemingly anything goes.


If you are interested to know more about Spacehawk you can buy the Fantagraphics collection Spacehawk from your local comic book store or through Comixology


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